Video Magic

Video Magic is the arm of BizAd Television & Video that produces things like

  • Events
  • Testimonials
  • Presentations
  • Documents Special Occasions

Great for community or business. Just select what you need from our QUICK REFERENCE menu in the sidebar.

Merging “Biz” Sites

We are currently merging all our Biz??? sites under this site. Links to old sites such as Biz Adelaide will now go to a landing page here.

The old sites will be phased out shorty.

Sites include:

Thank you for you patience.


Video Testimonials

Video Testimonals – Better than text!

Testimonials are a great thing to have on your web site but who wrote them?

That is what most people ask when they see written testimonials.

Enter Video Testimonials

Viewers can see and hear the person making the testimonial so, they can see the enthusiasm and the genuine praise of the client in a video testimonial.


Testimonial-ULX110 from David Hales Media on Vimeo.


This testimonial from ULX110 Motor Oils was for Optical Design (our parent company).

Welcome to Studio 91

Studio 91 is just launching a program to support amateur photographers by providing studio facilities at reduced rates to allow use of a studio environment like the professionals.

Controlled photo shoots with lighting, props and effects to aid learning the craft of photography.

A lot of what you see on Facebook and Youtube is not how the professionals do it. We provide the environment to learn.

Keep watching and we’ll give you updates on our offers to the photographic community.

New for 2016–Pay as You GO video

We are introducing a new pricing system for 2016 that allows business owners to Pay as You GO. This will make us different from other video providers which make you pay up front. You’ll be able to get your video made straight away and the payments will be over 12 months. This will allow businesses to get into the latest video advertising and not get left behind competitors.


During February you will see the information posted here and the final details will be on the web site. So, keep watching!