Biz Minute T&C

Terms & Conditions of Service for Biz Minute

  1. Video production is free of charge.This includes location and studio plus post production.
  2. Customer only pays for use of completed videos under licence.
  3. Finished video is distributed from our servers for the term of the licence.
  4. Video is produced according to our pre-arranged template.
  5. Should specific video production content, edits and post production be required to suit the business owner, please contact BizAd Television & Video for a quote.
  6. Biz Minute (BizAd Television & Video) & Good Innings Media reserve the right to use all or portions of video on our web sites and to promote our services.
  7. You also agree to indemnify us from any legal action, financial awards or any other consequences of the use of your video.
  8. All video produced by Biz Minute remains the intellectual property of BizAd Television & Video and Good Innings Media and carry the Biz Minute Watermark and Opener/Closer.
  9. These terms and conditions of service may vary without notice.

Call 08 8325 1822 for more information.