How Biz Minute Works

Great News! Video Production is FREE!

Biz Minute a a cost-effective way to promote your business and is great for a starter video.

This is a Biz Minute for Video Magic Productions

Upon booking our crew to produce your video, we will attend your business or use our studio (whichever you prefer) to create a 60 second promotional video about your business. The video will then be edited into a 60 second video. The good news is that you get to see the production before accepting to use the video under licence.

There is no fee until you agree to use the video we have created!

Once you approve and wish to use the video, we have several licencing options available to suit your needs.

Option $ per month
12 months licence $110.00
6 months $165.00
3 months $220.00

Call 08 8325 2746 or email: for further information.


  • Biz Minute retains the copyright on videos produced by our service and is distributed from our servers.
  • Videos are licensed to the business for use in promoting their products and services.
  • Our segments are branded with the Biz Minute logo.
  • Embed code and links are provided to the customer for their web site, social media and email campaigns.
  • Should you wish to have a video produced exclusively for your business please contact BizAd Television & Video.
  • See our Terms and Conditions HERE.