Production Services

Creating your own video production?
Our crew can produce, direct and record your production and finish the video with quality post production.


What is a video production facilitator?

A video production facilitator organises video production on your behalf as per the brief you provide for the particular production.

This service allows for those with their own video production in mind a service that can turn the concept into a reality!

We do this by organising:

Producers, directors, writers
Camera crews
lighting/gaffers equipment and crews
Sound recordists and equipment
Grips and equipment
Venues, studios and locations
Editing and post production
On-air time on TV stations
Upload to web
The above is just an overview of our Video Production Facilitator service and the service is aimed at businesses and individuals that have a great idea but do not necessarily have the knowledge or tools to make their inspiration, concept and video a reality.

If you want to put a great video production together but are not quite sure how to go about it, then you need to talk to us.