Video Blogs

Video Blogs are an important part of your on line presence. They keep customers and potential customers informed about what your business is doing, new product or events.

Video Blogs or vBlogs are best updated on a monthly basis for maximum effect and if something special comes up, then it’s time to drop in that extra special vBlog.

The vBlog is not that expensive an option considering the impact it can have on your web site and on social media. You can even email them to your lists!\

How much do you spend on traditional advertising each month?

Our vBlog service starts at $110 per month.

vBlog Package Deals

  1 vBlog per month 2 vBlogs per month 4 vBlogs per month
   $110 Per Month $150 Per Month
($75 Each)
$175 per Month
($43.75 Each)

NOTE: The above prices are for vBlogs recorded in our studio. Location recording prices, please enquire.

your vBLog.