About Biz Adelaide

About Biz Adelaide

Biz Adelaide or BA came about as a need was perceived that SMEs and local community groups could use a great way to promote themselves using the latest in web promotion. Most do not know how to go about this sort of promotion themselves. It can be quite a task to organise, produce, record and distribute videos and the team at Biz Adelaide have years and years of experience in commercial television.

Also, video promotion can be costly for smaller businesses and groups so, BA is providing the service free of charge to community groups and cost-effective pricing for businesses.. This allow those who would love to try web TV promotion to be able to do so without a huge cost consideration.

We have a fixed format show that participants can use in the promotion of their products, services or community group.

Here’s some information about our crew:


Director/Executive Producer/Editor/Camera

david-pennington-bay-150x150David Hales has worked in the commercial TV industry for over 35 years. This combined with his desire to build the community and local business is the main reason Biz Adelaide exists. He is an enthusiastic South Australian and gives a hand wherever he can to improve our image both locally and abroad. Aside from running his own businesses he has maintained may community web presences over the years for local groups by supporting them with his time, expertise and providing resources such as web hosting. David is the creator of Biz Adelaide.

(PHOTO: On location, Pennington Bay, Kangaroo Island.)



Producer/Director’s Assistant/Presentation
kirstie-150x150Kirstie Hales produces Biz Adelaide and assists the crew on location and in the studio by keeping things organised with personnel and talent. She looks after makeup requirements, assists with lighting and sound and often is a third camera operator when required. As Kirstie is a qualified Event Manager her skills are invaluable when putting together a shoot. Nothing is left to chance and everyone has everything they need on the day.

(PHOTO: On location, Pennington Bay, Kangaroo Island.)




Finance Control

patfb-150x150Patricia Hales maintains the finances for Biz Adelaide. A qualified Bookkeeper and BAS Agent, Pat is essential to the smooth and ongoing running of Biz Adelaide. She controls all aspects from studio to OB production costs. On occasions Pat helps out on the set as well by operating fourth camera or stills photography for promotions.

(PHOTO: On location, Blue Lake, Mt Gambier.)