Additional Web Services

Web sites need additional services such as virus scanning to help maintain optimal performance. Optical Design offer these services for an additional charge if the customer does not wish to maintain these tasks themselves.

As no one can guarantee a site as “Bullet Proof” it is advised that you either perform these tasks yourself on a regular basis or you avail yourself of our services to do this for you.

One cannot point out the importance of doing everything possible to improve your site’s chances of resisting attack and take prompt action should the worst happen.

This is especially important for businesses.

Please note: These services are not included in the hosting price.

All prices include GST and you can select the frequency as per your requirements.

Service Price


Virus Scanning.
(Look out for viruses that can compromise your site.) 
Per Scan – $22.00
Additional off site backups.
(In addition to our monthly backups.) 
Per Backup Event – $11.00
File space and bandwidth monitoring.
(Helps prevent out of space or bandwidth errors. We can advise if you need more space or bandwidth.) 
Per Check – $11.00 
Web site repairs
(After compromise, attack, malware etc.)
Per Hour – $150.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.

These services are not a guarantee. They are insurance against the unexpected and facilitate preemptive protection and recovery options.