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Monthly web video show to promote businesses and community!

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On Line Video

Web broadcasting is a great way to reach potential customers and provide up-to-date information and visual promotion of your products, specials, new items and business news. By having your business appear on Biz Adelaide, you can personalise yourself and your business to current and potential customers before they even walk in the store.

Biz Adelaide can help you promote:

  • brand awareness
  • new items
  • specials
  • show product information
  • professional services

Web video promotion can help build a customer bond with you and your business by letting them get to know you and what you offer by what they see on our show.

Video is now bigger than ever and YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world today. By 2017 it is estimated that video will account for over 60% of web traffic. If you are looking to raise your business profile and contact more potential customers, then video is the 21st century way to achieve this goal.

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Our Show

Biz Adelaide is a web video show that is recorded and uploaded each month which can give extra exposure to your products and services. You can now advertise with video giving you the opportunity to show more details about your business in a short and easily understood format.

We shoot on location and in our studio to bring the best possible images and information into a quality video production. One business or organisation is recorded for each *episode which is uploaded for display weekly. Once a month the episodes are compiled into a show which is released at the end of the month. All episodes and compiled shows will be displayed on the Biz Adelaide web site and social media.

Ideal exposure for:

  • Business products and services
  • Shops, business centres, malls
  • Home and internet traders
  • Community groups and non profits
  • Local and community events

*Participants can embed their particular episode into their web site or social media if they like.

The best thing of all about getting on the show for community groups is the price…

We have great rates for businesses that are value for money!

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Video and the community

Video provides much more detailed information about your products and services. You can appear in the production personally if you like, or we can produce the segment for you using our presenters. Customers will get to know your business even before they walk in the door!

Each segment is of an individual business or organisation. As such, completed productions can also be embedded into your web site for local display to you site visitors. Biz Adelaide will provide embed codes for you to use on your web site or social media.

All episodes displayed on the Biz Adelaide web site and distributed via our extensive social media network.

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Take a look…

How to promote your business, services and products on Biz Adelaide Web TV.

Biz Adelaide can attend your business with our Mobile Media Unit and we invite you into our studio facilities for an interview to complete the segment.

Things you might like to think about in the creation of your segment:

  • Do you have images or video that may need to be included?
  • Do Biz Adelaide need to shoot video for cut-away shots or reference?
  • What location(s) are required?
  • Is someone from your company willing to be on-camera or be interviewed?
  • Do you need to write a script (or at least answers to questions)?

We walk you through the entire process in a friendly way so you feel comfortable. Our crew are all experienced in video promotion.

You can find out detailed information by browsing this site or you can just call us. We are happy to discuss aspects of the show and how it all comes together…

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Take the opportunity to promote your business with video!