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The following videos are items we have come across that may be informational or helpful to our customers and readers of this site. Optical Design can arrange for social network marketing, web sites, video production and more. If you have seen something that interests you in these videos, call us on 8325 2996 for more information about how we can provide you with eMarketing services, bookkeeping, event management and a great web presence from a local family owned business with an interest in first class customer relationships. Just look at our Testimonials from our clients.NOTE:We are not associated with any particular publisher and the videos are provided as a convenience only. We will not be held responsible for the content or use thereof.

This video conveys the importance of social media marketing in today’s business world.

The following video shows the importance of web video by shear volume of what is placed on line.

How Facebook can promote your business.

A bit of humour in the following video but it rightly points out how social media can affect an issue. This includes business.

SEO, good or a bad waste of money. 500 changes to Google algorithm in a year! Are you going to pay an SEO expert to update your site daily?


How Google Search works.