Lighting & Gear

Do you want to learn more?

As most photographers know, photography is all about light! Without light and the effective use of light our cameras are worth nothing. Even if you know basic lighting all of us can always do better. So, Studio 91 is offering 3-hour sessions in lighting to help you learn new skills or brush up on existing experience.

Looks confusing, doesn’t it? So many light sources, so little time!


We’ll break it down for you!

We will cover how lighting affects your final images and how to use light correctly to achieve the results you want. Different light sources will be explained and the way to use the most prominent light source with additional lighting.

Learn how to

  • use tungsten with daylight without changing camera settings
  • utilising reflectors
  • integrate lighting filters and diffusion
  • use flash with fixed lighting and daylight
  • cropping light with flags
  • use different light sources such as spots and Fresnel lens spots
  • Apply lighting to the style of photography


If you are interested in improving your lighting skills we are holding lighting sessions on Saturday mornings from 9am-12noon at our Morphett Vale studio. Other times available upon request and my availability.


Cost: $55 (inc GST) per session. Contact David Hales on 0408 818 096 to book. Training is one-to-one so I can give you the advantage of the whole 3 hours. 

This is not a certified course, it’s just me passing on my 35+ years experience to you.

“David Hales has over 35 year’s experience in lighting for commercial television (studio and location shoots), photography, stage and entertainment venues. Experienced in all areas of production, his primary area of expertise is lighting and creating the images.”

Call 0408 818 096 to book your place!