The Process

This is a very basic outline of the processes involved in making a quality video production. It is intended as a reference for Video Magic clients as describes the important steps involved in the creation of their production. Each production may vary depending on requirements.

do sketchesOutline/Overview Meeting

On initial contact discussions will take place as to what the client requires in the video production.

Items discussed will include:

  • Product or services to be promoted
  • Budget
  • Type of production/style
  • Target audience
  • Who will be involved
  • Possible locations for shots
  • The steps the production will traverse along the way
  • Distribution/delivery media
  • Quotation/Estimate

Green Screen StudioPre-Production

Pre-production is the process of organising everything so that the project proceeds smoothly. Pre-production takes place after the green light is given to proceed.

It entails organising the following:

  • Finance confirmed
  • Time frames for each process
  • Crew required
  • Equipment required
  • Locations and studios
  • Shots required (Script is broken down)
  • Storyboarding the project
  • Availability of locations, participating people, actors etc.
  • Read through checks


This is where the video footage is shot. It includes all aspects of getting the subject matter onto video.

Typically at this stage:

  • Crew are assigned; Director, Camera, Lighting, Sound, Props etc.
  • Sets are constructed (if required)
  • Locations ae set
  • Crew are assembled
  • Video footage/scenes are recorded
  • Director checks footage before post-production



Television gallery with selective focus on the foreground vision mixing panel and TV monitors out of focus in the background.


The video footage or scenes are now handed to the editors for final assembly. At this stage several things are done.

Post-production includes:

  • Editing the footage into the correct order and removing unwanted shots
  • Adding effects, captions, titles etc.
  • Colour grading the video for consistency and look/style
  • Adding sound effects
  • Adding voice-overs
  • Credits roll, opener and closer (if required)
  • Copyright message added

Delivery and Distribution

The delivery media is burnt (in the case of DVDs) for distribution or the completed video files are saved to electronic media such as RAM Drives for manual distribution.

Video required for web is prepared and made available for upload to web sites, YouTube or other on line distributors.

Video Magic can arrange distribution or this can be at the client’s discretion.

At this point the project is completed and handed over to the client.