Video Testimonials

Video makes great testimonials

Testimonials on your site are a necessity but most people ask, “Who wrote those?”

Enter Video Testimonials

A  video testimonial is where a viewer can not only hear the testimonial but see the person making it. This adds credibility to the statements being made. People can see if the person is genuine and positive about your products. As peer reviews are the best referral, video testimonials are the ultimate praise of your business.

From $99 inc GST.

Testimonial-ULX110 from David Hales Media on Vimeo.

This is a sample testimonial. It was made for our parent company.

Discount in numbers:

Video testimonials are $99 each or if you can  organise 3 or more people at once, receive 20% off our normal rate per testimonial.

Includes shooting on location or in studio, editing and branding with your logo.